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3 Things You Need to Know About Field Service Management

While there are tons of information on field service management (FSM) that can be found on the net, there are valuable contributions it has made that can be felt in the day to day operation of businesses. Here are three things you ought to know and quite possibly have experienced with the many innovations in field service management.

  Connectivity at its best. The creation of any system that tracks the many aspects of field operations is by far the best way to describe field service management. Those aspects include customer portals, vehicle tracking, scheduling, inventory management, task management and many more. The way this system is managed is by controlling them using a cloud-based portal readily accessible in mobile devices by field technicians.  

Imagine how this amazing system creates a rippling effect in the way businesses are conducted. How it has made a difference in different industries such as airlines – flight ticketing and booking, hotels – booking and accommodation, cleaning companies – deployment of right people at the right time and many more. FSM has become a simple but powerful way to connect people on the field.

  Enhanced relationship between companies and clients. The connectivity factor is once again at play here. Whereas before the challenge is how employees can engage with clients, FSM has provided  solutions for this and is posing a challenge on the proper perspective businesses should have when it comes to customer experience.

  Customers on demand can now receive the information required as provided by the employees who have access to automated and integrated systems. Notice how status updates are received almost instantaneously whenever a service or product is not received on time. And mind you it’s not just a mere status update, it even tries to set an alert and manage the customer’s expectations.

  Empowered Employees. In the hand of every employee is a very powerful tool that turns the expectations of customers into reality. Powered by FSM technology, mobile devices has cleared the many challenges for a field worker to do the work at hand in the most excellent manner. Clients are  directly connected to employees through the FSM system and therefore made them access the needed information easily without having to go through a long process.  

Gone are the days of long waiting time over the phone to be redirected to the right channel so your concerns may be addressed. No more having to go through several links in order to get your requests  answered. Why? Because literally every employee has access on various information needed or requested by the client.  

The next time you wonder why connectivity is no longer a problem or why there is a better customer-employee relationship, or why employees nowadays are more empowered, it all boils down to how field service management has evolved to what it is now and how it is continuously evolving to provide better services, products and customer experience – something you really ought to know.


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