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How WorkVue Can Help Your Business Save Time and Drive Efficiency

For a business that provides field services, time is money. For instance, if your field staff spends less time making calls to the office just to update or confirm some details of a job request, they’ll have more time (billable hours) in completing a job. 

For a business owner to drive efficiency and increase of revenue, it is important to find ways on how to manage wasted time. Using a field service management software like WorkVue can definitely save time on tasks like data entry, administrative tasks and all the other aspects of your tasks management processes.

Below are some ways on how companies were able to save time using a field service management solution like WorkVue:

  1. Eliminates duplicate data

 Manual entry/transfer of information let’s say, a quotation or staff timesheets to the accounting/payroll software can really be tedious and time consuming due to the absence of a single platform to store all these data.

Having a software solution like WorkVue that integrates with 3rd party software solutions like MYOB, Xero and Quickbook provides a smoother workflow and saves you the time on getting rid of duplicate data entry by integrating your quoting and invoicing process in one platform.

  1. Communications between your field and office staff is simplified.

Does your office staff always calls your staff in the field to get some update in regards to a job/task? Does your field staff always calls the office to confirm some details of a job such as the place and time of a job?

Using a field service management system solutions like WorkVue, all the important details of a job/task is automatically shared and communicated with the field and office employees. Making these unnecessary back and forth calls between your office and field staff will be obsolete because all the details are received and updated real-time.

  1. Communications with your customers are all made easy.

Time is valuable not just for you as a business owner but to your customers too. Instead of always communicating with your customers for an update on a job/service request or settle a payment, having a software solutions like WorkVue streamlines the whole process and save you heaps of time on doing it.

WorkVue enables business owners as well as the field staff to create and send invoice on the spot after completing a job/task. It even uses automated SMS messages and customer portal to communicate with customers a lot better, that in the end, saves both your customer and staff a lot of time. This also establishes a better connection that will improve your customer service.

  1. Automation of tasks for faster processes

How long does it usually take to prepare and send a quotation or invoice? Automation of such administrative tasks definitely saves time and drives efficiency on your business. If all information is integrated and housed in one platform, it’s a lot faster to complete tasks involving these information. Using a software solution like WorkVue that has a job management feature also gets rid of unnecessary stress among your staff.

  1. Spend less time searching for information

If your staff in the field still uses emails, excel spreadsheets or worst, paper documents like job cards or paper quotes to update information, it will be a challenge to search through the files to find these information for future reference. Although excel spreadsheets can be handy to save these information, it will still take heaps of time to search for a specific information especially if it’s not saved in a single platform.

Using a single field service management software with the capability to integrate with 3rd party software solutions, all these information is saved and can be found in one source. Thus, it’ll be a lot easier and faster to look for any data whenever you need them.

If you want to learn more on how WorkVue has helped businesses by providing a single source of truth, book a demo, call us at 0800 967 588 or email us at and we’d love to tell you more!

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