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The Power of AI in Field Service Management Software

Integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) in field service management service software is already a must nowadays.  It is deploying an automated customer service agent who works 24/7 and perform tasks like answering customer requests, answering emails, and even providing support to field technicians. It has been used in countries like Australia, New Zealand, United States, among many others.

The Human Touch

Maximizing service delivery to customers and operating more efficiently and cost-effectively, AI technology  provides a ‘human touch’ in field management services.

When AI is integrated with the company’s knowledge base, it can offer first-level support to customers and field technicians. Customers can save the time looking for the information they need, and technicians are given on point support to complete the tasks.

Here are AI’s best features and why they all matter.

  1. Scheduling is made easier. Users can readily book a service call through a brief chat instead of navigating various options in the app.
  2. Search functionality is topnotch. With AI technology, it is possible to search client history and information through a conversation-based interface. While in the field, technicians can access the customers’ information with ease.
  3. Service calls are more accessible. Since AI is designed to streamline customer requests for service, it can recommend the right type of service based on customers’ answers.
  4. Real-time alerts are highlighted. The AI acts as the salesperson who has access to the right data at the right time. With its comprehensive company’s knowledge base, she can give timely updates, send alerts, push notifications and even reminders about pending high-priority tasks.
  5. Integrating with CRM is seamless. By incorporating AI, it makes the interaction smarter and more refined. Anyone from the team gets to ask about KPIs or past interactions. It is even possible to access CRM data on the go.
  6. Self-serve options are provided.  The AI technology  gives customers the recommended options to resolve issues in real time like giving a tutorial or automatically orders replacement parts. It  can even  aid in maintenance and troubleshooting, which would allow field service companies to address issues before the customer knows they exist. These capabilities can dramatically reduce service calls.

The AI technology can play a critical role in field service management, technician performance, and the overall customer experience.

Field service organizations should have an AI technology on their radar and recognize the potential to redefine customer service, communication, operations, and marketing.


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