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Why Customers Prefer Service Companies with FSM Software

By the year 2019, the field service management (FSM) software market is valued at almost $4 billion. By the year 2023, the value may even reach threefold since field management landscape proved more promising as seen in many studies and surveys. 

Strategies For GrowthSM‘s (SFGSM) survey in 2017 revealed very interesting notes about FSM software among on-demand ride-sharing services. What influences these top service companies  are classified into three things:

  1. customer demand and preferences regarding quick response and availability
  2. service workforce utilization
  3. internal mandate to drive

In simple words, if one wants his field service company to work, he needs to make his customers fall in love with his business.

Here’s a lowdown on what makes customers prefer a company’s services.

Quick Response Time

In most field service operations, time is of the essence. Fifty-six percent among the respondents in a study prefer a very quick response to the tasks.  A big chunk of great customer experiences is all about how quickly they were served or how fast the transactions were completed. FSM technology provides a quick response time especially when data are accessible and integrated.


The automated and integrated feature of a  field service management software strengthens the relationship between the company and their customers. When a customer is informed about job expectations, status and updates, this is a giving it a personal touch. When a technician is delayed or behind schedule, then a new communication or Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) is relayed. This type of engagement brings a whole new meaning on how business is carried out, thanks to the innovations that make field service management easier.


Customers are increasingly getting attracted to plenty of innovations in FSM marketplace. When they see modern technology being utilized in assigning technicians, scheduling tasks and even showing ETAs and other details, they would even pay premium for these. Eighty-nine percent of clients in field service companies prefer these features and expect that in the coming years, more of these features will be improved.

It is not surprising why FSM software is becoming popular in field service companies.  The ability to provide the meaningful partnership with customers  are realized through the  key  factors presented.

So, why do customers prefer service companies with FSM software?

Quick. Personalized. Modern.


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