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Why Should Your Company Start Investing in Cloud-Based HR Software?

Companies from around the world are now turning to cloud-based solutions regarding handling Human Resource (HR) tasks. Smart move!  With the way how Internet and technology expand the possibilities in doing things, those who are switching to Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) will save their businesses from becoming irrelevant soon.

It is about time to kiss outdated systems in HR department goodbye.  Say hello to the cloud-based software.

What does Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) do?

HR managers are usually responsible for handling employees’ records, benefits, schedules, payroll, performance evaluations, and these time-consuming tasks often take almost 75% of their time at work.  SaaS solutions allow a manager to implement HR software updates to his/her entire staff in a matter of seconds.

Even David Ludlow of Business at SuccessFactors/SAP agrees that the simplicity and user-friendly interface of cloud software is the very foundation of HR innovations.

Aside from being significantly less expensive, SaaS is also efficient. A survey from Information Services Group in 2014 revealed that an estimated 51% of their respondents had implemented cloud-based HR management solutions.

HR processes are rapidly evolving as employee expectations are geared for speed and simplicity thus leaving many entrepreneurs turning to SaaS for solutions.

The best part about having cloud-based platform handling HR tasks is the hands-on approach a manager does to talent management. Having an efficient and fast result, it provides the ability for managers to check organizational charts that showed what their workforce is capable of and specific talent pools of their most important positions.

What makes Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)  cheaper compared to on-premises software?

Before, many entrepreneurs believe that on-premises software provides the perfect solution which is way cheaper than the usual practice. But looking at it closely now with having to build, install, and configure on-premises software are costing a substantial amount for the company. Add up the maintenance such as heating or cooling, licensing, under ongoing costs; many businesses are spending more than they thought.

By implementing HR cloud-based software, they’re able to eliminate costly upgrades every couple of years since cloud vendors do it for them.

The Internet is rapidly changing and evolving. Businesses are switching to co-located web servers in remote data centers to meet higher standards for connectivity.

In a nutshell, cloud-based HR software through SaaS is the way to go. It is affordable, efficient and a waste-reducing option for small or large businesses alike.


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