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Why You Need A Field Service Management Software

Let’s get to the point. A number of companies still consider having a Field Service Management (FSM) software as another expense and fail to see how it can make an impact in the way they deliver the service or products to customers and affect their revenue. Below are some of the main reasons why you need a FSM software:

1. Because Standards for Workflow Need to Be Established.

Anything done without a standard would result to mediocre work and worst loss of customers and revenue. The FSM Software will help you set quality standards from dispatching to invoicing. Look into the case of a cleaning company, At Your Request (AYR). As it evolved into a franchise cleaning service firm and expanded into different locations, a challenge emerged for them to improve their existing way of doing things. AYR managed to answer the growing demand for their service, increase productivity and revenue by improving their system through the use of FSM software.

2. Because We Need to Let the Paperwork Go.

While Excel is probably serving its purpose for your organization at the moment, it is high time to realize that it does not answer the need for keeping information the best way possible. Nor does it provide analytics or real time dispatching. FSM software enables your organization to stay clear of losing valuable information and duplication of entries. Moreover, it eliminates tons of paperwork.

Automation is brought to the next level as you integrate the FSM Software into your system. Quoting, task management, scheduling of work assignment and invoicing are done in a unified platform ridding your organization of unnecessary paperwork.

3. Because You Need to Improve Customer Satisfaction.

The value you place on delivering your service or products to customers will have a tremendous effect on bringing down the contract attrition rate. There is nothing like having satisfied customers who will not only stay loyal to your business but will bring more people to access your products or services.

The FSM software allows you to maintain quality service through scheduled and managed quality audits. It allows you to record complaints and breaches and offers you the advantage to resolve them faster. Find the FSM software that has a customer portal feature that empowers customers to reach your team and resolve issues more efficiently.

4. Because You Need to Get To Know Your Business More.

Gone are the days when you are left clueless on what is happening on every phase of your service or product delivery.  How many jobs were scheduled for the day? How many were completed? How much time was spent on each job? Are there idle times? How much time was spent on traveling? Are there any return visits? Understanding weak points enables you to respond, resolve the problem and improve the process faster.

Important decisions can be done on a timely basis if you have a 360 view of the business and that is what the field service management software allows you to do. The streamlining provides real time information that is easily accessible and measurable.

Set the standard, automate and let go of paperwork, improve customer satisfaction and be on top of your business at all times with the help of FSM software. Looking into these four reasons why you need a field service management system software only emphasizes the fact that it is indeed a need and no longer a luxury to have one in your business.


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