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The benefits end-to-end field service management system to your business

Have you ever looked back on your processes when you first started your field service company? What have you done to improve these processes as your business grow? 

You may have grown your number of staff, administered new services or employed different system to address your operational and field service management needs. But have you ever thought of just putting one system in place to manage your entire workflow and focus on
scaling your business?

As many field service companies grow, most of them started using different software to streamline individual processes and tasks. For instance, a scheduling and dispatching software maybe employed to manage scheduling a group of contractors/franchisees or a timesheet solution to help track your field staff’s work hours. While these separate software may help when you implemented them, these individual solutions can also give you problems while your business grows. As you purchase and employ more solutions to your business without considering the capability to integrate and connect with your current software. The worst is, if one of these software would not integrate properly, you’ll have to implement more processes to address these restrictions. As a result, these siloed solutions employed to accomplish different tasks and processes can bring more problems than solutions. It may even hinder you to grow your business. So what can you do to solve this problematic variety of software? The answer is simple, a comprehensive field service management system that incorporates the needs of your whole workflow. Let’s have a look at how an end-to-end business operating system can benefit your business.

What is it?
End-to-end solutions is a term for software that provides solutions from the start until the end of a workflow. For field service companies, it’s a software that provides solutions for processes from the first interaction with the customer to invoicing and payment. This basically provides a complete solution without having additional software to support it, which gets rid of unnecessary processes, driving efficiency to your business. An end-to-end business operating system for field service companies also provides solutions for different service functions and are usually cloud-based, giving you only one source of truth. This is where WorkVue comes in, an end-to-end cloud based system that provides solutions for managing service, projects and maintenance jobs.

The Benefits

  1. A full Visibility of your business

Since an end-to-end system provides workflows for each part of the business, it allows you to have a full visibility of your business. From managing your leads, your team’s schedules, and jobs to increase productivity, to streamlining your payment process, a comprehensive software like WorkVue provides you with real-time data on every aspect of your business.

  1. Make smarter and better decisions

An end-to-end cloud based solution like WorkVue can collect data from your daily workflows creating a secured and centralised platform for your data. These data gathered on a real-time basis give you the capability to run comprehensive reports that helps you identify your business’ area/s of improvement and challenges.

For instance, reports like the P&L Report will help you study the margin of profitability on all jobs you’ve invoiced in a specific date range. For Sales, reports such as your team’s Conversion Rate will help your sales managers manage the sales team’s performance on a daily basis. These detailed information from different aspects of your business allows you to investigate inefficiencies and identify changes you may need to implement in order to enhance your business’ growth.

  1. Drive Efficiency and minimise data duplication

Now that each aspect of your business are working together seamlessly in one software, this gives you the opportunity to automate the flow of data from one end to the other. A fully customisable software like WorkVue allows you to optimise your business’ efficiency by automatically capturing incoming business information like enquiries from prospects or service requests from your website so your sales team can act on it immediately.

You can also improve your business’ efficiency thru seamless integration. For instance, the integration between WorkVue and accounting software like Xero, MYOB or Quickbooks. These integrations allows you to transfer your customer and suppliers’ information easily which doesn’t only saves you time, but also mitigates the risk of inaccurate data. These features represents just two of the many processes you can automate in WorkVue being an end-to-end business operating system. Interested in employing an end-to-end field service management software to your business?
Book a demo, call (0800 967 588) or email us at and we’d love to tell you more!

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