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Key Features of a Software that Adds Value to your Cleaning Franchise Business.

If you’re an owner of a cleaning business and you’re looking to build or improve your franchise options, one of the best tools to manage your franchisees, at the same time help them manage their own business efficiently is a business operating software. A software like this should be able to help you manage all your current and prospect franchisees, and it should be able to integrate seamlessly with the rest of your operations.

But how does this type of software fit into the residential/commercial/industrial cleaning franchise business? A system like this is a great platform for communication between franchisees and franchisors as it helps improve the sales/marketing, operations or financial aspect of the business and more. This software helps franchisors grow their business by gaining more franchisees, manage and convert leads, monitor jobs real-time, establish better communication thru real-time notifications and streamline operations. 

If you’re looking for a system that would help you manage your franchising efforts efficiently, here are the key features you should look for:

  1. Operations Management – If you’re looking to add value to your franchisees as part of improving your brand, you need a system that gives you full visibility of your operations in a dashboard format. A system that allows both franchisors and franchisees manage and track sales, quality, jobs, customers and inventory as well as track important KPIs and store your customer, contact and employees’ details.
  2. Integration – A system that integrates with other part of your operations that improves your processes for both your employees and franchisees. A system that also integrates with 3rd party tools or software programs where important data can be centralised. This system should be cloud-based, mobile or both so you and your franchisees can access the software anytime.
  3. Field Service Management – This feature manages your field service operations where you can schedule and allocate all jobs, track field operations of your employees and plan inspections or audits seamlessly so there wouldn’t be any questions or issues on what needs to be done and when a job should be completed.
  4. Inventory / Asset Management – A system that helps streamline your process for ordering, storing and tracking of products as well as your assets in terms of monitoring performance, value and depreciation.
  5. Reporting – You need a system that can provide insights about the performance of your franchisees through reporting – a business intelligence tool based on customer service, sales, revenue and other KPIs in an easy to understand and centralised dashboard format with real-time data.

Whether you’re an established brand or looking to expand your commercial cleaning business into franchising, you have to make sure you’re using the right tool/s to do so, and a comprehensive business operating system with franchise management can (and will) play a huge part on your success If you want to learn more on how WorkVue can help, book a demo, call us at 0800 967 588 or email us at and we’d love to tell you more!

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