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What does a Customer Portal do to your Field Service Business

In a connected and impatient world where it’s getting harder to please your customers, they expect transparency and control when they conduct business with you as a service provider. To meet these expectations, more businesses are now adapting to more advanced and comprehensive field service management software. But the right features that can help your business the most can be a challenge to identify as FSM software varies from one provider to another And while many field service companies may not see the relevance of a customer portal to their business, the experience of putting everything at your customers’ fingertips can bring heaps of benefits to your business. Here are 4 reasons why customer portal is becoming a necessity in this industry.

It provides positive customer experience
A successful field service operation plays a key role in your customers’ satisfaction. A customer portal helps improve this by providing your customers with a 24/7 seamless self-service support option where they can have access to relevant and up to date information, order products, bid for additional jobs and create / monitor cases, complaints, or reviews. At the end of the day, when customers feel that you are transparent, communicative and understands their business, it improves your customer satisfaction and leaves a positive customer experience.

It lowers your cost for customer support
Your employees make your business. At the end of the day, your business is to provide services and although they’re the ones who brings the money in, they’re an expensive resource. You would want them to be doing other things to generate more revenues and not the tasks that can be completed by your customers themselves. Having a customer portal is an investment but it pays off in the long run as it basically is a 24/7 customer support option for your customers. Hence, you no longer need to allocate resources or hire more employees to receive and work on customer support calls during and outside your business hours.

It manages your customers’ expectation
The rapid growth of the internet means customers nowadays, expect a modern service experience. Aside from sending emails, customers would want to use a portal to create and monitor the status of their issues, order products, bid for extra jobs, send reviews/complaints/feedback about your service, or even interact with other customers through their forum. A customer portal manages your customers’ expectations as it leaves them feeling empowered since you’re creating an experience of putting everything at their fingertips. With the ever-changing demands of the industry, it can be a challenge to meet your customers’ expectations. But by helping your customers help themselves, a customer portal can be your advantage to get ahead of the market.

It helps you keep your customers
It is easier to retain your customers than to acquire a new one. Empowering them with a tool to solve issues on their own is a key factor in retaining them. By enabling them to become more independent, a customer portal strengthens their awareness of your business/brand. A customer portal also allows your customers to know your ecosystem and interact with it in full transparency. A benefit that plays an important role in building a loyal customer base that only a comprehensive and intuitive customer portal can do.

A customer portal is an engaging platform that expands your customer service and brings a positive customer experience as it allows your customers to interact with your brand by providing a dedicated space to offer your services. It also saves your staff or customers’ time and lower your customer support costs because you’re providing a simple, efficient and convenient way of communicating with them.

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