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Live Environments New Zealand has been providing the region beautiful aquarium setups, rentals and installation since 1984. Live Environments continued to make progress until technology continued to grow and made it easier for businesses to work. With such unique business and having a niche market, Dinesh Bhattu, the current CEO of the company found it hard to automate their core business since it they offer very unique services. Up until recently, they have been using manual process and recording data physically through paper forms and sheets.

Workvue Solution

The WorkVue team, headed by Ryan Canja, was able to meet with Dinesh to discuss the latest trends in technology. They were able to provide an up-to-date information of the current trends in technology that might help Dinesh and his team automate majority of their core processes. the WorkVue team also presented how WorkVue Field Service Management solution can easily adapt and conform to their business needs: with Workflow management; business intelligence functionality; and integration to third-party tools and systems.

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