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It is our commitment to make things a lot easier for you and your team. With years of experience, WorkVue has perfected field service management and expanded its solutions to better cater field service businesses.

WorkVue for your Business


Record all the important details right at your fingertips.

Improve business relationship with WorkVue’s Customer Relationship Management. This feature lets you manage all your relationships and interactions, with your customers and potential customers, efficiently. Understand them more by knowing what services they like and avail.

With WorkVue’s CRM, you can track the progression and status of your leads, convert them to accounts, and establish better connection with your customers.

track team

Track your team’s progress, real-time!

know right info

Know the right information for the right client at the right time.

create better connections

Establish better connections through a robust client information form.


Easily create and customise your own reports and dashboards.

Track your employees’ performance and identify areas for improvements through your dashboards. With WorkVue, interpret and analyse your data easily through its visual and interactive dashboards.

Manage your employees’ permissions and access with WorkVue’s user role management feature. Generate Ad Hoc reports using the report wizard functionality and choose from organised data tables to identify the relevant information you need.

Create visually stunning and interactive dashboards.

create visually

Provide access information to employees more conveniently.

conveniently provide

Automatically create and send comprehensive reports.

automatically create

Send invoices on the spot and never miss a payment collection.

With automatic triggers and intelligent notification features, you can receive reminders for invoices due and collections needed for your business.

Set up your invoice templates and let WorkVue generate your monthly, weekly and even daily invoices. Just hit send to forward them to your clients. Add your company information such as your logo and bank details to personalise your invoices.

And you’re good to go!

automaticall send invoice

Automatically send invoices and receive payables.

never miss

Never miss collection through smart reminders.

provide customers

Provide customers convenient payment methods through integration


Effectively maintain, service and keep track of assets critical to your business.

WorkVue provides an efficient and accurate way to maintain, service and trace both fixed and mobile assets in a single platform. Managing assets from plant, equipment, property to entire fleets (from your office to the field) has never been this easy with Workue’s asset management feature.

Get a full visibility of all your field assets on the map.

assign and allocate
Schedule recurring preventative maintenance on all your assets.
know you job
Capture before and after photos, barcodes, signatures and more.
know right info

WorkVue for your Staff


Completing a job is as easy as putting a check in a box.

WorkVue’s job/task management feature is designed to make it easier. Generate work schedules, update work requests, and track work progression all in one app!
Track and manage all your job schedules via built-in calendars.
know you job
Transfer work or job requests effortlessly.
transfer work
Assign and allocate jobs to your field staff via mobile capabilities.
assign and allocate


Plan ahead and take advantage of your schedule.

Access your work calendar and maximise your productivity by prioritising your tasks for the day and focus on the job at hand.

Compare and check your calendar with your team for better work management and scheduling. Use your calendar with WorkVue’s drag-and-drop function and integrate each change with notifications.

manage your calendar

Manage your calendar with an easy drag-and-drop functionality.

view and check

View and check your workload with calendar view.


Prioritize tasks according to workload.


Monitor your team's roster, productivity, and workload.

Owning a service business needs proper management and monitoring. With WorkVue’s robust roster management functionality, you can easily organise your employees’ schedule and productivity. Manage time sheets, tasks assigned, and leave applications all in one platform.

View and manage your employees’ roster.

view and manage

Keep employee records and history accurately for better record keeping.

view employee

Apply and manage holidays or leaves on the fly.

apply holidays

WorkVue for your Customers


Create new ways to reach your customers.

WorkVue understands the importance of creating ways to leverage technology and establish better connection with your clients, partners, and suppliers. With web portals, you can offer client access to your services and products, all with real-time data. Add value to your products and services by offering clients the means to provide feedback and insights about your business.

establish better

Establish better connections and ensure data security by creating accounts for your clients to use.

provide clients

Provide your clients access to products, services and information sheets.

customer service portals

Improve customer service by allowing your clients to share their feedback and insights about your business.


Provide a meaningful support and guidance to your new franchise partners consistently.

Add value to your products and services by empowering your franchisees with a tool they need to manage their own business. View and manage all the necessary documents like service agreements and compliance records up to date with WorkVue’s Service Provider Management feature.
Empower your franchisees with the tool they need to run their own business.
establish better
Keep all the service agreements and compliance records up to date.
provide clients
Provide a better means of communication with your franchisees/service provider.
customer service portals

Seamlessly integrate with other key third-party solutions.

Easily unite your digital ecosystem by integrating with other key business applications. Link your calendar, integrate with e-commerce systems, payment gateways, and more!
partner logos

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